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Success Stories
Here we showcase the success stories which will be inspiring our members. Meet our success couples who found their soulmate through ChristianMatrimony.com. We wish the newlyweds, a happy married life.
Our Success Gallery
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Bride : Nisha |Groom : Manu Joy Kg
Engagement / Marriage Date : 28-08-2017
Regards from manu and family.we were very glad to inform u that by the help of almighty... we got a cute and a very gd educated girl from these app.thanks a lot .for a gd response.

Bride : S.divya |Groom : Later
Engagement / Marriage Date : 09-10-2017
Bride : Sherin Roopa Nancy |Groom : joe antony
Engagement / Marriage Date : 22-10-2017
At last, I found my soul mate through this site... Thanks to Christian matrimony.
Bride : Ashlin Steffi.k |Groom : Mathy EC
Engagement / Marriage Date : 30-09-2017
I was happy that i found my life partner through ChristainMatrimony.
Bride : Laveena Rapaka |Groom : Samraj
Engagement / Marriage Date : 25-09-2017
i got a best life partner through this matrimony.Thanks to christian matrimony

Bride : Grace divya |Groom : Paul Balakumaran
Engagement / Marriage Date : 18-08-2017
God has made us a bridge by His grace between both the families through Christian matrimony.

Bride : S Jennifer Jayanthi Maria |Groom : marian
Engagement / Marriage Date : 30-11-2017
a good site. it is very helpful
Bride : Later |Groom : Joy Thomas Vinjamuri
Engagement / Marriage Date : 30-11-2017
Thanks to christian matrimony
Bride : Medidi.vinootna |Groom : nithin vemula
Engagement / Marriage Date : 05-10-2017
good service provider got the match in just 3 months thank you
Bride : Princy edwina |Groom : Alexander Raj
Engagement / Marriage Date : 17-09-2017
it was dream match

Our Success Gallery
Showing Page 1 of 12